NITE TIME – (Sunday – Thursday 9.00pm – 00.00)

Is your number one night time companion. Catering for all your night time entertainment need as well as answering all love related questions.

HEART AND SOUL – Monday 10pm – 11pm: Life touching romantic stories shared on the radio. You also have the opportunity to share your romantic stories as well.

HUGZ AND MAKE UP – Tuesday – 10pm – 11pm; Human frictions and misunderstandings occur daily and especially amongst lovers. This show presents you with the opportunity to mend fences and look beyond the emotional pains.

SPEAK YOUR MIND – Wed. – 10pm – 11pm; A lot is locked in our minds and those thoughts remain imprisoned when can’t express them. You can now travel to those dark places and dig out those thoughts waiting for expression on the show.

LOVE SONG REQUEST – Thursday – 10pm -11pm; You are presented with the opportunity o request a love song for yourself or your loved ones, but most times its better for your loved ones.

LOVE CUPID – Tuesday – 11pm – Midnight – Sometimes for the much awaited romance to kick start all you need is just a connection. The platform for such to happen is created here. Age restriction is important here and it is strictly adhered to.