BREAKFAST JAM (Monday – Friday 06am – 10.00am)

This is our breakfast show that starts your day right. With a combination of good music, up to speed information from around the world and family friendly content, your day is definitely starting on a high note.

The Elements:

SPEAK TO YOUR DAY – 6am – 6.55am: motivational and inspiring. Humans are created as speaking beings and are also conscious of the power of speaking positively. Listeners join the conversation on the radio by speaking to their days.

TRAFFIC REPORT – 7;25am – 7;30am; Traffic update and major road happenings are reported live on the radio by a FRSC official.

PAPER VIEW – Monday – Friday 8am – 8.30am: a review of the day’s newspapers in brisk format, precise and straight to the point. The segment reviews the top stories, and we have our guest analyst also joining the conversation and not forgetting our listeners, who might also like to lend their voices to the headlines.

COMMUNITY CORNER – 8.45am – 8.58am there is so much around us that require both government attention and the attention of dwellers. These only get to the fore if someone or a concerned citizen raises such to the level of discussion.

With this element, several communities have been assisted to create awareness to developments in their respective communities – PHCN failures, poor/bad roads and other lacking/failing infrastructures. Not restricted to criticisms, efforts also get mentions and commended.

TALKING POINT – 9; 30am – 9; 55am The right of the citizens to discuss issues, policies and decisions that affect them is created on this platform. We discuss issues ranging from politics, economy, sports, education and any other human angle story that affects us collectively. It is objective, unbiased and authoritative.