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Explosion rocks London underground train station

Terrified commuters ‘ran for their lives’ after an explosion on a London Underground train this morning.
There was a stampede as people fled in panic when a ‘fireball flew down the carriage’, leaving several passengers with serious facial burns on the packed rush hour train in Parsons Green, west London.
One witness said there was a ‘bang’ and then a ‘wall of flames’, which engulfed the carriage, with pictures showing a burning plastic bucket stashed in a Lidl carrier bag.

The doors opened on the District Line train and the commuters, many of them with scorched faces and hair, ran off screaming.
A photograph of the flaming white bucket taken just after it exploded shows a number of wires protruding out of the top and on to the train carriage floor – but police have not yet confirmed if it was a bomb.

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